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Waist Training Frequently Asked Questions

What does Waist Training do?

To learn all about waist training please visit our waist training information page here

Do Waist Trainers work?

In short - yes! As every body is different, the results from using our waist trainers vary from customer to customer. You can see recent results from our customers on our Waist Training Before and After Results page.

What size should I get?

Please check out our Waist Training size guide.
Waistline size in cm (metric)

What is the difference between the Everyday Waist Trainer and Latex Waist Trainer?

The differences between our three most popular waist trainers are as follows:

Everyday Waist Trainer: The Everyday Waist Trainer is the perfect waist trainer for women new to waist training. The stretchy spandex material keeps the stomach tight while allowing the skin to breathe. The highly compressive material sculpts and contours your figure. The best waist trainer corset for beginners.

Latex Waist Trainer: The Latex Waist Trainer is perfect for women who have tried waist training before and would like a more restrictive trainer. The strong latex core keeps the stomach tight while promoting perspiration. Due to the longer length we also recommend this for post partum waist training.

Sweat Fitness Belt: Our Sweat Fitness Belt is the perfect workout waist trainer to use at the gym, while working out or doing your daily exercise. The compressive neoprene material encourages perspiration while keeping the waist cinched.

During Your Training:

How do I use a Waist Trainer?

You will receive a guide with your order, if you have misplaced the guide please visit the section named ‘How To Use’ on our website.

Can I still eat and exercise normally while using my Waist Trainer?

Yes! We recommend following a healthy diet and exercise regime to maximise your results. 

Can I wear my waist trainer while exercising?

Yes, as long as you find it comfortable. If you find at any point that you feel uncomfortable, please take the waist trainer off. If you are looking for an exercise only waist trainer, we would recommend our Sweat Fitness Belt for this.

Are there any side-effects of wearing the Waist Trainer?

We support healthy use of waist trainers for enhancing and supporting natural curves. Our waist trainers are as safe as wearing any other type of quality tight fitting clothing, as long as you are wearing the right size (this is extremely important). As with all forms of fitness and weight loss, your body does need time to rest and your skin needs time to breathe. Our products are designed to be snug but comfortable when worn safely, up to 8 hours a day.

If at any time you are feeling uncomfortable or the waist trainer prevents you from doing any type of activity, take it off. You may have to reduce the time you wear the trainer for, or you may have to try a bigger size. 

Once I reach my goal, can I stop?

You can stop using Waist Train products at anytime. You can always start your training regime again ☺.

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